As a senior finishing up my degree in biomedical-mechanical engineering this semester, the words “career” “job” “internship” and “future” seem to come in conversation more than I can ever remember.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I am staying an extra year through the Progressive Degree Program for my Masters in Engineering Management.  While this takes off the pressure of securing a full time job come graduation in May, it puts a lot of pressure on me to get a really great internship!

In addition to all of the Career services and events hosted by USC in general, Viterbi Career Services also puts on its own events for its engineers.  Every semester, Viterbi hosts the Viterbi Industry Networking Event (VINE), and the Viterbi Career EXPO to give engineering students the chance to meet and network with a number of Engineering Companies, and even non-engineering companies that are looking to hire engineers!

This past week I dressed to impress and attended both VINE on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday for the Viterbi Career Fair.  VINE is designed specifically for Juniors and Seniors and is hosted in Town and Gown on campus.  You essentially “speed date” for three minutes with about 10 – 15 recruiters from different companies and then can speak with whomever towards the end of the evening.  Many of the recruiters that attend VINE on Tuesday night, come again as the recruiters for the Career Expo on Wednesday. The Viterbi Career Expo is generally from 10am-3pm and is hosted on the E-Quad right next to the main building for Viterbi Engineering (RTH).  Here you wait in line for each company that you want to talk to and then get to talk recruiters about their job and internship opportunities, ask questions about the company, and exchange business cards for resumes!

After talking with many companies between the two events for both BME and ISE, its time for me to get back to my internship applications!  Wish me luck!




Claire, Class of 2012

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  • steve says:

    Careers!!!! I loved basically following you from company to company, haha. Good luck with your internship applications! My (metaphorical) pile of online applications certainly looks daunting! At least it’s exciting, hey?