Well here goes—my first blog post! I cant believe I’m a month into the semester already! Between classes, extracurriculars and hanging out with friends, Junior year is flying by! So where did summer go and where has the time gone?

Well, I had an absolutely amazing summer spending seven weeks in Paris through the Viterbi Overseas Program! I took my WRIT 340 class—the Engineering writing class for upper division students at USC and a French History/Culture class where we studied everything from the school system and delicious food (I honestly miss the crepes and baguettes all the time!) to all the social cultural differences between the French and Americans (like how the French can spend three hours at a single meal eating all that great food—okay, so I confess, I really liked their food!

The other great part about Paris was how easy it was to travel throughout Europe! Some of my favorite weekend trips with other USC students were when we went parasailing in Nice, visiting my heritage in Amsterdam (I’m a quarter Dutch!), and went running with the Bulls in Pamplona! Oh and that same night, Spain won the world cup—no big deal, right? Talk about an incredible weekend in Spain!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, but getting back to California kept me super busy and I couldn’t wait to get back to USC! I moved back into my sorority house and started the year off busy as ever with sorority recruitment (absolutely loved it and will have to share more soon!).  Not to mention I got even more involved with Viterbi this year (so excited to be a VSA this year!) and am also a Freshman Academy Coach this Fall.  For those of you that don’t know, Freshman Academy is a great two unit class that all Viterbi freshman take in the Fall as a way to learn more about engineering and its applications, while getting to do some awesome hands-on projects with fellow classmates!

And so now, five weeks in with a full courseload of 18 units, and enough meetings, greetings and other outings to further encourage my love for coffee! I’m looking at a busy weekend of studying for my four midterms next week—yikes! Thankfully I’ll have some fun this weekend—after all Saturday is going to be great with the Viterbi Career Conference, USC football (Fight On!), and my sorority’s invite that evening! So much to do! Here’s hoping I survive all my midterms!





Claire, Class of 2012