After a crazy week with a MoBio (molecular biology) midterm, two lab reports and two problem sets due, I couldn’t be more excited when it was finally Friday night because it was my sorority’s Invite!  I joined Alpha Delta Pi my freshman year, and it has been one of the greatest decisions that has truly shaped my college experience—living in, going on adventures and hanging out with my sisters and social events are just the beginning of all the fun I have with these girls!  Invites are social events where every girl gets to bring a date and usually we’ll go to dinner in groups before heading out on buses to a surprise venue! The coolest part about this invite? We were on a boat! Yep that’s right a boat!

With my date, Ryan at In N Out!

To commemorate the first invite of our Senior year, a group of us senior girls thought it would be fun to rent a party bus with all the flashy lights and couches inside to go to dinner at In N Out! The bus was so much fun because all 30-40 of us could move around to dance, take pictures and catch up!

On the party bus with two of my sorority sisters!


Once we got back to ADPi from dinner we took more pictures–my date Ryan and I found Vlad and snagged a VSA picture!  And then were on our way! We arrived in Marina Del Ray and were greeted by this huge boat! We boarded the four-story yacht and set sail to spend the night dancing away!

Two of my best friends and roommates! Love these girls!

VSA picture! (L to R: Ryan, me, Vlad)

The boat we had Invite on!



Claire, Class of 2012