Okay, from the title of this blog, you’re probably wondering how these two topics could possibly be related, and in all honestly they aren’t! But they are two fun things I got to do this week, between class projects, the Viterbi Career Fair and everything else I’m up to.

On Thursday I met with my Academic Advisor, Chris Noll, who advises all the sophomore, junior and senior BME students. Here at Viterbi, you have to meet with your advisor before you can sign up for your next semester of classes to make sure that you are taking the right classes, making progress towards graduating on time, and check in about how your current classes are going. I’ve gotten to know my advisor very well over the past few semesters and always feel comfortable asking a quick question over email, dropping by his office if I ever need advice on anything, or even just chatting to say hi and talk about life. As a Senior this was my last semester of classes to sign up for so we talked about my class options and then talked about the Viterbi Career fair, companies I was interested, and fellow Trojan BMEs who were now working at various engineering companies! For my final semester of undergrad, I’ have three classes to take: BME 402 (Neural Control), my GE V (Los Angeles: The City, Novel, The Movie), and a Technical Elective of my choosing (either Thermodynamics or Engineering Project Management). Since I am pursuing my Masters through the Progressive Degree Program here, I will also take another Masters-level engineering class or two next semester!

Blink 182 On Stage!

At Blink 182











After making it through the crazy, work-filled week, it was great when it was finally the weekend—time to relax, catch up on some work, and have some fun! Last night, Ryan and I went to the Hollywood Bowl—an awesome concert venue up in the Hills of Hollywood—to see Blink-182, a favorite band for both of us! A lot of lights people and fun as you can see in the pictures above…the venue and music were great and just goes to show how many cool concerts there are in Los Angeles!



Claire, Class of 2012