The weekender: when all of SC takes over San Francisco in honor of the Stanford game.

Besides watching interception after interception, biting my nails through the stressful last few minutes of the fourth quarter, and embarrassingly watch Stanford rush the field…. it was a fun weekend!



We drove down late Thursday night, arrived at my friend Ian’s place and proceeded to eat an entire box of Eggo Waffles… oh theperks of “home cookin.” Friday we were welcomed with a delicious feast of a breakfast then did a 6 mile hike to get the day started. It was my friend Nick’s first time to the area so we headed to the city to show him around. We skipped the tourist hot spots but saw Ian’s favorite local places, a beautiful yacht club, the golden gate bridge, and walked around downtown. Friday night we headed to Union Square for the USC pep rally and then had an unbelievable night on the town. One of our good friends is a DJ and was opening at a nearby club, so we enjoyed true VIP status the whole night.



Saturday morning we woke up, attempted to do some homework but quickly gave up and headed straight to campus to start tailgating. We were spoiled by our friend’s parents with filet minot, lamb, shrimp, halibut, and fresh french dip sandwiches! Now THAT is my kinda tailgate. With very full bellies, we headed to a very packed student section with likely three times more students than the section was meant for. But with three times the noise, our student section was amped! So amped, actually, that at one point, the entire student section was chanting to kick out an enthusiastic Stanford fan. As security came to escort him elsewhere, he was left hearing the sweet sounds of “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.” It was a friendly exit, but a successful one none the less.

After the game, we enjoyed dinner at a restaurant near campus and our waiter led us in a So Cal spell out for the entire place to enjoy. Defeated, but still proud Trojans, the other USC fans in the room joined us.

Saturday night we just laid low and headed out Sunday morning, making it home in a record breaking 5 hours. All in all, pretty fun weekend! And a pretty fun week to follow with line dancing on wednesday, Randy Rogers Band concert thursday, fraternity invites and registered parties on friday, and GAME DAY on saturday! Somewhere in there I will fit in homework, I promise.