My mobile application development class is really picking up and our second big project is due next week. My group decided to make a USC version of frogger where the player is a squirrel trying to cross Trousdale while avoiding DPS officers, bikes, and pedestrians. In our version, the squirrel will be able to ride the skateboards when they are right side up and must not step into the bike lanes or they will die (similar to the floating logs and forbidden water in the original version). We plan on implementing this aspect later today during our lab session. Here are some pictures of our work in progress. I captured the “You Lost” picture right as it was fading away.

Home screen

    Game Over










Using cocos2D and XCode on my Mac, we have created an iPhone application that could be actually be released onto the market. It has been an exciting challenge to learn Objective C but surprisingly easy to pick up given all of the other languages I’ve been exposed to. Its hard to believe that this is already by second application and we are only half way through the semester! The first one was a spoof of an old game called Duck Hunt and the entire class got to practice making it to learn the basics of layering, sprites, animation, and sound effects.


We are almost done polishing of USC Frogger or Squirreller (we are still trying to come up with a clever name), and I am looking forward to our class demo next week. It will also be fun to see what my other classmates have come up with and how our game compares to theirs.


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