This past weekend my boyfriend, David, came to visit from the University of Kansas.

This is form last semester when I visited David at KU

We are both from Dallas and could not wait to go to a country themed party at one of the fraternities on Thursday night after he flew in. We got all dressed up in our typical Texas attire and I topped off my outfit with a horse head on a stick which I galloped around on all evening.

Dressed up for the country party and ready to go ­čÖé

We talked with lots of my friends, took way to many pictures and David even got to meet some of my fellow VSA’s at the party.

On Friday, we went with a group of friends to a┬áchiropractic specialist who gave us individual massages for a full hour each! (thanks to LivingSocial Deals). After relaxing all day, we went to dinner with a big group at my friend Cayley’s apartment courtyard.

The Courtyard outside Cayley's Apartment where we ate dinner

After dinner, we all went to my sorority’s invite and danced the night away at the most beautiful venue in Malibu right on the water.

All dolled up for the invite dance:)

Even though we stayed out way to late, Saturday at 7 am we left for Elsinore to go skydiving!

Skydiving at Elsinore, right before we got into the plane!

The thrill of jumping out of a plane 13,000 ft of the air is hard to compare to anything else! Throw in watching Moneyball and eating at Roscoe’s and that’s pretty much the whole wrap up of my super spectacular weekend.

Starting Saturday afternoon, it was time to crack down and study for my midterms this week, finish up those last few questions of my EE homework, edit that paper one more time, and get back into school mode. This weekend put me in a great mood for the rest of the month and I’m ready to study hard and ace my midterms ­čÖé