My favorite part of Tuesdays, (besides my two labs which came in a close second) is the Tuesday market! This is the only day of the week where local vendors come and sell items across from the University Village, just off campus. Setting up between the USC Hillel and the 32nd Street School (between campus and the row), the vendors sell everything from coffee and crepes, to jewelry and music. Sometimes there are even street performers their showing off their musical talents and selling personal CDs. This Tuesday, I got my Nutella and banana filled crepes, per my usual, and enjoyed the sounds of a woman playing the saxophone with her hands, while adding sound effects from a keyboard… with her TOES!


I love walking home from class and smelling first the popcorn, then coffee, then the fresh oranges and strawberries, and finally moving on to the Mexican, Thai, and homemade treats. I can take a quick peek at the new clothes and accessory booths without even straying from my usual walk home. Fresh hot food, cooked on the spot, inexpensive, many choices, sitting right in the pathway to my house, I can’t think of a better lunch.