In case I havent mentioned it enough times before, I LOVE TEXAS, and I LOVE TEXAS SPORTS! Besides an awesome win by the Trojans over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, it was a great weekend for Texas sports. Cowboys won by a landslide against the Rams (34-7), Stars beat the Ducks and Coyotes, and the Rangers are up 3-2 in the seven game series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dallas is just a city of sports–with 5 time super bowl winning Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks who just won a National Championship and the Texas Rangers back to the world series for the second year in a row. I am a lifetime fan and I’m pumped at the thought of the Rangers winning a world series. We don’t have the history that other teams like the Cardinals, Red Sox, and Yankees have but we have such a loyal fan base.

My parents at the Ball Park in Arlington for the game on Saturday!! 🙂

Last year the Rangers fought hard in the World Series against the San Francisco Giants. This year we are up by one game thanks to Napoli hitting a tie breaking two run double in the bottom of the eighth to lift us to a 4-2 victory. It was a big feat after a rough 9 point loss to come back and win 2 games in a row! My parents have gotten to go to every game in Dallas this series and have been taunting me with pictures of Troy Aikman (who sat in front of him) and texting me for the replay calls that I can see on tv. All I can do is cheer at the TV, rock my Texas attire, and show my Texas pride in every way, even if it means carving it into a pumpkin.

Troy Aikman (former Cowboys quarterback) sitting a few rows in front of my parents

Side number 1 of my pumpkin carving adventure

Side number 2: the Texas Rangers T!!!

Now, the Rangers are headed back to St Louis for the final two games and it finally hit me that we could actually win it TONIGHT!

Unfortunately, I cannot watch the Rangers tonight because I have our first hockey game of the season. But, no matter the outcome, I will definitely be wearing all my Rangers gear tomorrow, loud and proud. GO TEXAS!!!!!