Sure, finals are stressful. But how could I be anything but joyful when listening to the soothing voice of Michael Buble’s “I’ll be home for Christmas” and the powerhouse vocals in Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you.” My new favorite study playlist is Amy Grant’s Holiday Radio on Pandora because it keeps me upbeat. To get in the study zone, I pick my favorite study spot in the house, the Sun Room. I turn on my music in my headphones, grab a blanket, and plug in my new obsession–a christmas tree that lights up when plugged into a USB outlet. When in need of a study break, there always seems to be something festive to do whether its cookie decorating, caroling down the row, or even sipping peppermint hot chocolate. I <3 the Holiday season.

One of my less productive study breaks that my roommate captured on film ... nap time!

Even with finals looming overhead, I am so excited for the weeks to come. As soon as I get home next Tuesday, I turn right around, pack a bag for the weekend and fly to San Antonio for an on-site interview. The interview process should be complete Thursday afternoon, just in time for me to make it to the USC Women’s Volleyball Semi-finals game! My parents are driving down that evening and we plan to Christmas shop on Friday at the Riverwalk and then go to the finals game on Saturday, regardless of who is playing.

The rest of the Holidays should be pretty relaxing. I will be celebrating my two year anniversary with my boyfriend and will get to spend some quality time with my brother while he is home from college and grandparents while they are in town. Christmas is hard to top at my house because it is my moms favorite time of year (she and my father share a birthday December 19th). So, the house is always extremely decorated with a 15 foot tree at the focal point in our foyer. During the winter holiday season, the house always smells of brewing hot apple cider and warm candles. The Christmas music is never turned off and neither is the Christmas joy. Most weekends are filled with festive parties for my high school friends, or my brothers friends, or her close friends, or the church crowd. Its always nice to get to see everyone over break and maybe this year we will actually have a white Christmas (also one of my favorite songs).

A picture from last Christmas during one of the parties 🙂 Check out the tree!

Ugly Christmas sweater party 🙂 in front of the mantle where all famous pictures are taken

January will be busy with moving my brother to San Francisco for an internship all semester and moving me back into my sorority house. We start school the second week of January and then I head to Tahoe for a fun filled weekend of snow boarding!!

SO many fun things to look forward to 🙂 T-7 days and the Holiday traditions truly begin.