I had some tough choices to make a few weeks ago regarding my summer plans and ultimately turned down the opportunity to study abroad alongside my older brother and show my parents around Spain on their first intercontinental adventure. Though this will be my first summer not followed by the word vacation, I am so stoked to be working for Microsoft.

I will get to enjoy a short 2 weeks at home after finals and before my first road trip! My friend and I will be driving up the coast from Los Angeles to Seattle, stopping in quite a few different cities along the way. I have gotten advice to try and see Big Sur, Carmel, Bryce Canyon, and spend a few days in San Francisco before heading up to Portland to see a friend. I can’t wait to explore parts of northern california, oregon and seattle before starting my adventure with Microsoft.

Once I get there, I will be living in corporate housing, trying to learn how to feed myself (shout out USC meal plans), and getting to know tons of other interns. I am doing an internship open only to freshman and sophomores called Explore, where I will get to rotate between three different roles–program manager, software design, and testing. This will help me get a feel for what I want to go into while also allowing me to gain valuable programming experience at a top-notch company. Thanks to the USC Job Fair, making connections at the Grace Hopper Conference as well as SWE’s Networking Night, and being proactive by emailing USC’s Microsoft recruiter, I had ample opportunity to have my questions answered and my application turned in on time.

I’ll be sure to update with pictures of my road trip and details about my internship. Until then its crunch time–studying, finals, packing, moving! Wish me luck 🙂


  • Robert says:

    Hi CHANDLER, How are you and how is your work experience in Microsoft and how was the people opinion and I want you to request that please upload the your memorable pics of Microsoft.

  • chandler says:

    Hi Robert, I actually don’t start at Microsoft until after Labor Day. But I will be sure to take pictures all summer and update with my experience at the start of the Fall semester. Thanks for reading!

  • Kushaan says:

    Hi chandler , is your major computer science(games) or just computer science?

  • chandler says:

    I’m straight computer science because I wasn’t exactly sure what i wanted to focus on within comp sci coming into USC. Though our games program is top notch, straight CS has allowed me to get my feet wet in lots of different areas (AI, robotics, graphics, etc)