Today is Tuesday, January 24th and boy am I excited for this semester!!

The official countdown is….

__104__days until Summer and the official end of finals.

__93__days until STAGECOACH! A three day country concert squeezed right in between the last day of classes and finals. Cowboy boots, big belts, shirtless cowboys, cowboy hats, country music, sun bathing, camping, and an endless number of pictures….No lie, it might have been the highlight of my whole semester last Spring when I attended.

__78__days until my 3 day Hockey tournament in LAS VEGAS!! Then the following week we will have our very first Hockey Formal where the Women’s team, Men’s team, and Ice Girls will team up and hold a dance together at the skating rink. We will bring dates and the girls will wear dresses and skates (?) not quite sure how this will work but I’m pumped!

__42__days until my spring break in BARCELONA!!!! My friend Kelsey and I are visiting two of my friends, Jaclyn and Rachel in Barcelona and cannot wait for 10 amazing days abroad.

__29__days until my lovely boyfriend of two years is visiting me for a formal hosted by my sorority. The last time he came in town was a crazy weekend full of adventures and skydiving so I have a set myself a high bar.

__23__days until (hopefully) a weekend trip to Big Bear for President’s day to be spent snowboarding with some friends 🙂

__9__ days until my mom comes to LA to hang out with me!! It is my sorority’s annual Mother’s Weekend and this year we will be having a lunch cruise out of Marina del Rey!

__7__days until my on site interview with Microsoft in Washington for their Explore Internship program this summer

__4__days until a bonding retreat with some of my fellow Viterbi Student Ambassadors! 🙂

__1__ day until I expect to be done with Catching Fire and start the next book in the Hunger Games series… obsessed!!


I have SO much to look forward to and will be sure to keep my blog updated with more details on these upcoming events 🙂