Wow, time really flies! This semester was a blur of fun weekend trips, nerve-wrecking game days, and fun classes full of group projects. As it comes to a close, I am proud to say that I am finally done with my LAST final presentation leaving a mere two finals to take before Winter vacation begins.

For one of my most time consuming projects this semester, my lab partners and I created a modified Cube Runner for our computer organization (EE357) class using the hardware pictured. In our version, the player can also pick up a gun and bullets to blow up the obstacles coming towards them.

Another group project I am pretty proud of is our third mobile app, a Labyrinth game. Besides the physics of the ball bouncing off the walls, the game was not too complicated to implement. It is fun that I can carry around the project in my pocket and continue to make more challenging levels.

Additionally, I worked with three others on my first in depth proposal. Collectively, we wrote a 45 page paper analyzing the current situation at a local charter school called ACES and proposing solutions to better their facilities and learning environment. We want to improve the mental and physical health of the students at ACES and thereby enhance the educational environment through developing the school’s outside area and bettering the quality and structure of the recreational atmosphere.

The last big project was for my large software systems design class where we presented our final prototype, adjusted requirements, updated LCD, and other important documents/diagrams. We are in the process of designing a volunteer match website that pairs individual volunteers or student groups with local Los Angeles volunteer opportunities, which we will create next semester.

I am so excited that these projects are completed and looking forward to having a bit of a break the next few days before my first final next Friday. Now I am anxiously awaiting my Spring semester in London but dreading the goodbyes to all my senior friends who will graduate while I am abroad. It has been a wonderful 5 semesters!! Hard to believe I only have 2 left on campus!!!