This weekend my parents came in town for parents weekend, spoiled me with homemade goodies and Rangers gear, and brought bad luck for all my favorite teams (just kidding).

Landing on Thursday night, they raced to USC while listening to one of the greatest World Series games on record. I hurried through my Physics lab, getting updates from the ScoreCenter app on my phone, and raced home to watch the game live. I screamed and cheered at the TV watching the Rangers continue to battle into the 11th inning! Some of the most stressful and agonizing 5 hours of my life, we lost after a great game and I have never been more proud of my Texas Rangers.

This is my friend Zach and I in our physics lab, both representing our teams, trying to finish the lab quickly, and getting constant updates on the score

For those of you that follow baseball, I won’t even mention game 7… In my head, I’m going to pretend game 7 and 6 were switched, and that we lost in a battle… and not by choking. But, we had a great season and the Cardinals are a great team.

The overtime-followed-by-a-loss trend that my parents brought with them continued on Saturday as USC played Stanford. But, my parents lucked out getting to attend the most intense USC football game I’ve been to during my time here. Losing to Stanford in triple overtime after a close batte was absolutely the highlight of my month! Well, not the losing part, but the game itself was amazing. With the coliseum completely full for the entire game, every student did the cheers complete with motions and had the most spirit I’ve ever seen in a group of fans. I’d never been to an overtime football game, much less double or triple! Most of the guys I was sitting with, who had played football in high school, didn’t even know the rules of triple overtime (that you have to go for two after a touchdown)!

Ready for game day!!

I love Mommy and Daddy!!

Fight On!!


Overall, it was a fun weekend. I loved getting to hang out with my parents, tailgate with all my friends and our families, watch sports with my Dad, and listen to Tim Gun speak at Bovard Auditorium with my mom.

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