September has come and gone with zero midterms, very few homework assignments, a couple in class quizes, and some introductory lab assignments. Now I have to put on my big girl pants and face the terrifying month of (dun-dun-dun) OCTOBER. With classes finally in full spring and my misleading month of September classwork resulting in over-eager travel plans, this October will be one for the books. I have plenty to look forward to but will definitely face a true test of my time management skills.

4 Midterms, 1 test, 2 papers, 4 homework assignments, 3 labs, 4 weekly reports, 1 website, 1 mobile game, 1 eighty minute presentation (yes 80…aaah), 4 blogs, 1 very large event management system to complete

Student Orgs:
Viterbi job fair, SWE Evening with Industry, ASBME/SWE networking etiquette, Viterbi Innovation Kick Off event, USC Programming competition, Women in Computing mixer with Association of Computing Machinery

Career Planing:
Grace Hopper Conference, Tech Talk events/workshops from companies including Microsoft, Intel, Disney Imagineers, TiVo, Gallup, eBay, Bloomberg, Cisco, and Samsung Digital Media Lab… and those are just the ones related to computer science.

Big little week, private Brandy Melville event, 125th anniversary celebration for Theta, Initiation and Presents for our newest members, Parent’s Weekend activities and tailgate, voting on a new Executive board, fraternity philanthropies each Friday, intramural volleyball Sunday nights,

Lake Havasu trip, weekend in Washington for the football game, USC Parent’s Weekend, then a trip to Austin, TX for Halloween weekend.

Other fun:
2 plays starring my sorority sisters (Peter Pan, Little Shop of Horrors), Book of Mormon showing at the Pantages theater, Josh Turner concert, Microsoft’s Surface is released!!!!


Pictures and stories to come 🙂 It’s going to be a very full month!

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  • That is crazy busy. Make sure to take deep breaths and put things on hold. I find that when there’s too much, I get less efficient and it’s like my wheels are just spinning in place.