Freshman housing at USC is unbeatable. All of my hall mates became my closest friends throughout my freshman year. We ate together at EVK (shout out waffles, froyo machine, outside grill, Chicken Nugget Tuesday), went on midnight snack runs to Tro Gro (shout out Trojan Plan), and there was always someone there to distract you from boredom.

Though our RA (Resident Advisor) planned some activities for us like dinner in Chinatown, trip to the Harry Potter midnight premier or a day at Disneyland, we spent most weekends together anyways. We had a Superbowl party in one of the boys rooms, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Watch party, a Christmaquanzakuh get together before winter break, went on the weekender together, and even hosted our very own BK3 tailgates during football season.

In addition, most of the people from my hall still live with at least one other person from my hall and we try to get together for occasional events like a renunion Holiday party, going to a fellow BK3 girl’s play, and my personal favorite, the Marshall Ball.

My hall was half boys and half girls with about 36 in all. I lived in a triple (USC’s best kept secret) which had three people sharing two average sized dorm rooms. We had our three beds, three closets, and three dressers in one room while the other room held our desks, a futon, TV, 2┬árefrigerators, and 2 microwaves. Though our TV wasn’t used very often, some boys down the hall had a 96 inch which we enjoyed often. I really liked being able to study in peace while my roommates were sleeping and having some space for guests where they could feel comfortable sitting down (and not on my bed).

Birnkrant is right in the middle of the freshman hub of dorms, about 20 feet from a library open 24 hours, directly above a dining hall and 24 hour snack stop, overlooks a long shallow pool which the band dances in while playing study break songs during finals week, and next to the freshman quad where students can lounge on the hill, grill out with a group of friends or enjoy tons of concerts/movie nights/pick up frisbee games.