My favorite student involvement is my sorority! Not only is it all that cheesy sisterhood for life stuff, crazy hair flipping, and constant shirt buying, but it is also where i live, study, eat, and hang out with my closest friends. Though it may appear like all we do is dress up and go fun places, social is just one aspect of my sorority. Don’t get me wrong- I love all the fun events we have, but it’s so much more than that.

My house truly is a home. I can come home from a long day, throw my stuff in the floor and lay on the couch. I can workout in our gym downstairs, grab a snack from the kitchen, talk to whoever comes downstairs, study in the library upstairs, layout on the roof, or bug the security guards for funny late night stories. I know I could call the girls in my house for anything and there will always be someone down to join me in whatever i want to do -whether that’s movie night, a night on the town, a partner to go shopping with, a ride to the airport, or a friend to get pancakes with at 3am.

Another big reason i love my house is because of the balance between social and academic. This balance is ever-present throughout the sororities and I am proud to say the average gpa in my house is a 3.58. Besides getting rewarded for attending study hours, my sorority provides both quiet areas and louder areas where collaborative group work is encouraged. My friends can come over to study on couches and enjoy free coffee and bagels, which is not possible anywhere else.

These girls are my best friends, my travel buddies, my shoulder to cry on, my support system and my fun 🙂