By the end of my first summer back from college, I was ready to see my USC friends again, live on my own, and enjoy the freedoms of no curfew. But, the thing I was the MOST excited for was definitely the USC football season (growing up with Texas football, its no surprise). You could ask any USC student or alumni and I’m sure most everyone would agree that there is absolutely nothing like a USC game day. Alumni and students alike tailgate on every patch of grass all across campus.

We started a "BK3" tailgate for the Birnkrant 3rd floor residents and took turns buying food and setting up 🙂

Trojans sport all sorts of gear from bookstore attire, homemade dresses, and clever shirts to painted bodies, complete trojan costumes, and full spandex body suits.

This season, we have been lucky enough to have three home games in a row! Each game day starts and ends the same. First, we wake up and put on all the cardinal and gold we own, including beads, hats, and boots if your a true Texan.

Andrew and I sporting face paint, a hat, and SC apparel cheering for USC!

Then everyone starts tailgating, grilling out, and meeting people at the fraternity houses, in parking lots, or anywhere along the route from campus to the coliseum. Students usually head to the game at different times, but my personal schedule involves following the band. About forty five minutes before the game, thousands of trojans line up along Trousdale to watch and cheer on the Spirit of Troy marching band as they lead the pack to the coliseum.

The band getting us pumped up before leading us to the coliseum!

My favorite place to sit with friends and cheer on our Trojan football team

Once inside, my friends and I usually try and get seats in Trojan Nation, the area behind the end zone and right in front of the band. Then, let the games begin! The game includes the cheering and screaming you can imagine, everyone of their feet, and non stop dancing to the band’s pump up songs. Often students will lift each other up in excitement after we score, exchange high fives and chest bumps with other fans, and try to get on the big screen.

My friend Andy getting lifted up after a big touchdown

It is SO MUCH fun and an unforgettable experience we get to enjoy 7 times a semester at home, and a few other times when we travel to our opponents’ schools and take over their town with Trojan spirit!