Goal for the summer: With a job offer already in hand (yay Microsoft!!!!!), my goal this semester is to be as stress free as possible. Though I’m taking a super heavy course load (for no particular reason), starting (possibly) robotics research, and trying this new thing called a social life, I’m stoked to stay stress free.

Today’s worry: surrounds my abroad application for the Spring! I have finally narrowed down my decision to Brisbane, Australia or London, England. Each program will offer a unique experience and hopefully I can get started on those essays (due Wednesday!!!!). I can’t wait to spend a whole semester exploring another country and learning about CS from a different perspective.

What I am most excited for: besides USC football going to a bowl game, is really figuring out which direction I want to go within computer science. I am taking a mobile programing class, a web development class, working with robots outside of class, and looking forward to taking computer graphics and artificial intelligence classes in the upcoming semesters.

University of Summer Construction: the new plaza by tommy trojan looks gaw-jus, they are repaving the rocky roads around viterbi (wooo!!!), the McCay center is completed and I really want to go inside, Cafe 84 has become a cafeteria because of all the many fishes (goodbye beloved jamba juice)

Perks of engineering: 38% women in the freshman class at USC this year!! Also, the men you meet in class and fall in love with and marry will have awesome jobs after graduation (yay stability… #MRSdegree #jkbutseriously).

Look! Only one friday class and its just a discussion! WOOOO engineers can have three day weekends tooooo