So after my fun weekend full of adventures and jumping out of planes, I really had to crack down for the upcoming midterms, papers, and project deadlines. Spending more of my weekend having fun than actually studying, I had a bit of a let down when I didn’t do as well as I wanted on my physics midterm Tuesday. Wishing I had studied more is never a good feeling leaving a test and I ended up below the class average. But, I kicked it into overtime along with the rest of campus for my other tests that week. With libraries filling up and my sorority quieting down, I worked my butt off to complete my computer science project and submitted it at exactly at 11:59 pm, Tuesday night. I spent until the wee hours of the morning cramming for my computer science final the next day and I haven’t gotten the grades back yet, but I left the test very confident and prepared (thanks to studying the week prior and a great review session). It seemed to be going uphill as I confidently looked over my religion notes with a great study group Wednesday night and aced the religion midterm Thursday. I came home and finished my second research paper of the week for American studies, studied hard for my electrical engineering test and finished it in only 20 minutes, also adding a second A for the week! I’m still waiting to hear about a few more of the grades but I’m excited at the idea that my confidence in each test increased from day to day.
Though I was a little (a lot) behind on sleep, I’m glad I survived a tough week and made it out with pretty good grades even after some procrastination and a crazy-awesome-skydiving-dancing-fun-filled weekend.