So last Wednesday I had the wonderful opportunity of flying up to Seattle to interview for Microsoft’s Explore program. While in Washington, I met a group of really fun girls who I really connected with. After a long day of interviews, we taxied across the city, visiting the most popular tourist locations including the Space Needle, which had an absolutely gorgeous view. We had a late dinner at a surprisingly tasty hole in the wall Thai joint (my first time having Thai!!) and went up the needle late at night so we could see lights all across the city. They took our picture on our way up with a very realistic view (not a green screen at all).

Group shot of my new friends 🙂

At the top of the Space Needle

View from the top of the city

View from the Bottom

After relaxing and enjoying the view, we went to a hometown favorite of my friend Hilary (who is from Seattle) called Molly Moon’s Ice Cream. The flavors were so yummy and different so I (obviously) had to try them all. After tasting Earl Grey, Honey Almond, Lavender, and a few others, I settled on coffee with expresso beans and honey almond. Mmmmmm!

The next morning we got up and went to Pike’s Place, which is a huge market area full of vendors, restaurants, fruit stands, and shops. We enjoyed breakfast at a famous french bakery and spent the morning wandering the streets before I headed to the airport.

After a stressful few days of trying to get all my homework turned in early and finding friends to take notes for me followed by a stressful few days of interviews, I was really excited to be back at USC where my mom and dad were waiting for me!

They actually flew in Thursday night and I got back from Washington on Friday night. We left the airport and had a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory in honor of my friend Christine’s birthday. After dinner I found out I got into the Summer Overseas Madrid program and just two days later I found out that I got the internship with Micrsoft! It took a lot of discussion but I ultimately chose Microsoft and know that my friends in Madrid will have an awesome summer!

The rest of the weekend just flew by as a compilation of meals, starting with my mom and I attending the Mother Daughter Cruise ship lunch hosted by my sorority. Saturday ended in dinner at Umami, a local burger place that I discovered for the first time! (Check out Gordy’s blog for more info). Then came Sunday, where we enjoyed breakfast at a local hot spot called The Village Idiot, which is actually a bar… that serves brunch. They also serve to-die-for ricotta banana pancakes that sound strange but are super delicious. While our stomachs settled, we shopped for some second hand costumes next door at American Vintage, which I plan to frequent from now on. Then it was off to the airport for my parents and back to studying for me!

Me, Kelsey, Adrienne on the deck of the cruise ship

Me and mom in front of the cruise ship!

Weekend Firsts: trip to Seattle, trip up the Space Needle, having Thai food, getting an internship, eating Umami, eating ricotta banana pancakes, trip to American vintage… I’d say it was pretty successful!!! 🙂


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  • gordy says:

    Radhika and I read the title and at first glance we were like, WOAH, is this the first time Chandler’s had food????