It’s fall semester, which only means one thing… TROJAN FOOTBALL. There is a reason why barely anyone at USC studies abroad in the fall, why club events are all on Sundays, and why campus is covered in cardinal and gold almost every Saturday by 7 am. Game day is an event that must be seen in person, but to give you a feel of it I will describe a typical game day for me chronologically.

My first game day with one of my first USC friends, Siena, who also blogs on her page.

7:30 am: I am awoken by a giant blaring speaker blasting “Conquest” and other songs by The Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe. I hop out of bed full of energy, no matter how many hours of sleep I got the night before.

8:00 am: I drink my coffee, put on my cardinal and gold, and head over to my favorite tailgate spot: the Troy Camp house.

Away game day @ UCLA (we won)

9:00 am – 2:00 pm: I hang with friends on the porch all morning. Last week during this time period, we engineered a tarp to make shade on the front lawn. The Fight Song plays intermittently between our other music. We are still hyped.

The tarp that we made out of sheets of plastic and twine!

2:00 pm: Depending on when the game starts, we head over to the Coliseum. Crowds of Trojan fans high-five each other on the way there, kicking the flag poles on Exposition for good luck.

2:15 pm: We enter the Coliseum and swarm into the Student Section, the most fun and raucous area of the stadium

Rainy game day in the student section!

3:30 pm: Depending on the heat / level of exhaustion at this point, we leave sometime after half time. This year I’m trying to stick through the whole game but it’s hard when we outscore our opponents so much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4:00 pm – Bedtime: Chill at my apartment or friend’s houses, maybe watching the rest of the game on TV. This time period almost always includes Postmating some food because we’re too lazy to go out. Then, we go to bed early to prep for a chill Sunday full of all of the work that we put off!

That’s my game day. It’s long, it’s sweaty, but it’s the time when you can best see the Trojan Spirit and Family. There are some more blogs about the Trojan Spirit and football here.  I hope you all can attend one someday!

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