How I Got My Summer Internship: Networking Tips!

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It’s the beginning of April, and the crunch to get an internship is really hitting hard. This is the time where most people are finalizing their summer plans, and I was still applying to positions and doing interviews! I was pretty stressed, but then I got a call from an unknown number. I picked up, and was told “We would love to hire you as an Intern at Engie!”. I’m soooo excited to even get a position, and I’m especially excited to work at this company in particular. In this post, I’ll tell all of you how I got this position!

First, I went to the Viterbi Career Fair in the Spring. Before the Career Fair, though, I searched out Viterbi Career Gateway Portal for the companies that were coming to the Fair and I found Engie! Engie is an energy company that redesigns systems in school districts and federal buildings in order to make them more efficient and sustainable. I was excited by this, so I went and spoke to them at the Fair. The line was short, as the company is less well known, and I had a great conversation with the representative because I had researched them before and taken notes.

After the Career Fair, I followed up with the Engie rep that I had met and he promised to pass my resume off to the hiring managers! A few weeks later, when I hadn’t heard from him, I emailed him again and he was able to send me a job posting for an internship that he thought would fit my interests. I applied, got a phone interview, and got the job all within two weeks!!

On the topic of internships, I recommend going to the Career Fairs that Viterbi puts on, because meeting someone in person is sooo important, and using the Career Gateway to help you learn about the company! I also recommend keeping up with the representative. Keep emailing them! They won’t get annoyed, and they will remember you.

I’m so excited to work in Pasadena, CA this summer as a Project Delivery Support Intern for Engie, and I know I got this opportunity solely through the networking tips I gave above!

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Celeste is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. She loves the beach, hanging out with kids, and listening to Bon Iver. Click above to find out more!

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