Career Fairs, Internships, and Jobs. Oh My!

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It’s October so what does that mean… interview season!! Yes it is also Halloween and fall and all of that fun stuff, but it’s also the time when Viterbi students start going through recruitment for jobs and internships. That may seem super early, because it is! Some companies interview in the fall and some interview in the spring, but in this blog I’ll tell you all a little bit about how fall job recruitment works at USC!

The first sign that it’s time to start thinking about jobs or internships is the career fair. There are actually two fairs, one that is USC wide and one for just Viterbi students. This year I went to just the Viterbi one, because I’m only looking for engineering internships for next summer! The Viterbi career fair has over 100 companies, so you can talk to basically any company you’re looking for.

To prepare for the career fair, I updated my resume, got my elevator pitch ready, and researched what companies I wanted to talk to. I got my best business casual outfit ready, and headed out to Trousdale (our main street on campus). I talked to 5 biomedical companies and gave them my resumes, and asked what the next steps were! Most say to apply online and wait for an invitation for an interview.

The step after the career fair is applications and interviews. Some companies, like one I just interviewed for, talk to students at the career fair, call them to set up an interview that night, and then do the interview and give out the positions within the next week. The process goes so fast!!

For the companies that hire in the fall, it’s great because if you get a job or internship you’re set for the summer and don’t have to look any more! However, if you don’t get it you can also apply to the hundreds of companies that recruit in the spring. Either way, you will be fine with getting a job as long as you use USC’s resources and put yourself out there!

I am still in the process on getting an internship, so updates to come on that! For all of you still in high school, know that it is so easy to get an internship at USC because there are sooo many connections, career fairs, and the #TrojanFamily of course.

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Celeste is a sophomore studying BME. She loves the beach, hanging out with kids, and listening to Bon Iver. Click above to find out more!


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