During the summer before I came to USC as a freshman, I was freaking out about where I was going to live. I watched every Youtube video, read every blog, and read the housing website seemingly hundreds of times. What I decided upon was Birnkrant, the honors dorm with a traditional dorm style. I now know that I definitely made the right choice because Birnkrant (BK) is definitely the best dorm on campus!

BK4 at convocation

Like I said, BK is of the traditional dorm style, meaning that it has a long hallway with doubles and triples of all genders on the same floor along with communal bathrooms. I lived on the fourth floor of BK (BK4!!!!) in which we had about 20 girls and 20 guys. I lived in a triple which consists of 2 rooms, one with 3 desks and one with 3 beds. The BK triple is DEFINITELY the hidden gem of USC housing. It gives you so much room and you get to be a part of the BK family! Through my floor I met my first, and some of my best, college friends. We had all sorts of events, like ice cream socials and going out to dinner together with our awesome RA. Through these planned bonding events in conjunction with just hanging out together every day, we grew to become the BK4 family.

My well-made bed on move-in day!

My desk before it got a little more messy…











As you make your final college decisions and submit your housing application, you will see that the new scholarship dorm is McCarthy Honors College at the Village. Know that, like I’ve learned in BK, the scholarship kids at USC aren’t solely nerdy and antisocial, they’re some of the smartest, most fun, and most well rounded people that I’ve ever met. If you are thinking about living in Birnkrant without it’s scholarship distinction, it’s still an awesome building to be in! It has a 24 hour Starbucks attached to the first floor called Trojan Grounds, it’s right next to the dining hall called EVK, and it’s a one minute walk to the 24 hour library, Leavey. Whatever building you choose, you’ll find an amazing community and some of your closest friends. I recommend submitting your housing application as soon as possible so that you get your first choice! Have fun exploring your options, and fight on!

BK4 on our first gameday!

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Celeste Goodwin

Celeste Goodwin

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