I can’t believe I am a last semester senior!!! I will be graduating with my degree in Mechanical Engineering this May 2020, so this Spring is my final semester at USC. I am both super excited and super sad about leaving USC! In August I will be starting my job at Microsoft as a Program Manager in the Devices organization, so I will be moving to Seattle, WA at the end of the summer. It’s awesome to have a job lined up coming into senior year, because I have been super relaxed and able to focus on classes and having fun! Below are a few of my goals going into this last semester:

  1. Have tons of fun with friends!


This last semester I want to spend quality time with friends who I won’t see as much next year. The picture above shows me with a few engineering friends at Universal Studios last weekend in the Harry Potter world! I have made so many friends in my various student organizations, in my classes, and from my various dorms that I am super sad to have to say goodbye in May :(.

2. Take classes I am super interested in!


This semester I am taking a bunch of classes that relate to the specific part of mechanical engineering that I am interested in: product design! Last semester I had my senior design class (final presentation shown in the photo above) where I made an intelligent irrigation system that automatically waters plants when it senses that the soil is dry. I loved this project-based course, so I decided to take more like it. This semester I am in a graduate-level course called Design Manufacturing and Assembly, an undergrad class called Intro to Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS for short), and a capstone class where we are designing a hybrid car! It’s great that I have gotten past all of my general science/engineering courses and now get to select classes that relate to my future job and interests.

3. Cross things off of my LA bucket list!


While I’m still living in Los Angeles, I want to do everything!! One main hobby of mine is eating, especially at amazing restaurants like Sonoratown (shown in the photo above). I am trying to visit as many of the 101 Best Restaurants in LA list from the LA Times as I can before I leave. Along with restaurants, I hope to go on a ton of ski trips to Mammoth and Big Bear, go surfing a few times and maybe learn how to stand up, and see a ton of concerts.

That’s it for my big goals for the semester, I know it’ll be a great one!

Celeste Goodwin

Celeste Goodwin

MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2020 HOMETOWN: San Pedro, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers