The Benefits of Naps

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I love to nap. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without napping. I nap between classes, after classes, before starting my homework, when I’m too tired to do my homework, any time. Research has shown that naps have numerous benefits, such as reducing drowsiness, restoring alertness, improving cognitive performance, decreasing errors, and enhancing moods.

Cures for Homesickness

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Well, it’s that time of year again. Despite this crazy 80-90 degree weather we’ve been having, the first LA mist of the school year struck yesterday. I call it mist because there’s no way you can consider it rain – just a little bit of moisture in the air early in the morning on the way to my first class …

Programming, But… Not Like An Engineer?

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Hey everyone,   This week I’d like to talk about one of my positions in the USC Undergraduate Student Government. Last April I applied to be a part of the Academic Culture Assembly as a part of the program board for undergraduate students. I became extremely interested in the position after

Research, Clubs, Apartment Life and Other Things about Sophomore Year

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Well, after a wonderful summer working in a lab at Oregon Health & Science University, I’m excited to be back at one of my favorite places in the world – USC! I’m also  pretty excited because just this week my first ever paper was published! I was listed as a co-author on a paper I helped with during my summer …

A New Start

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Hey everyone!   This week I’d like to talk about the new classes I have been taking this semester. I am currently taking:   Material Science: Behavior and Properties Computational Methods in Engineering Mathematics of Physics and Engineering Organic Chemistry Evolutionary Biology All of my classes are extremely fun! My two favorite courses are

Seeing the Sights

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Before the semester ended, I was lucky enough to receive a summer job here at the University of Southern California working with various summer conferences such as orientations, athletic camps, and academic seminars. Rather than returning home from college my first summer after freshman year, I opted to stay in the always busy city of Los Angeles to get to …

My Summer Internship: Modeling Cell Movement

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While the move from rainy Portland, Oregon to sunny Los Angeles, California for school was startling, the move back for the summer has probably been even more of an adjustment. It’s been pretty dreary weather since I got back to the City of Roses (or City of Bridges if you prefer) and I’m definitely missing my LA sunshine! On the …

Making a Splash

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Last month I was able to go to Gainesville, Georgia to compete in the ACRA National Championships for crew. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle that is the city of Los Angeles, but the best part of the trip was training and competing at the 1996 Olympic venue (pictured).   I had never been to …

My Freshman Dorm: Parkside International Residence College

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Living in Parkside International Residence College (IRC) my freshman year has been awesome. Although I originally thought I wanted to experience the “dorm life” that a typical residence hall would have provided, I found living with a group of eight guys in the same suite to be very rewarding. It helped me gain very close bonds with a select group …

Part of the Crew

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One of the most important decisions of my freshman year was joining the USC Men’s Crew team; I joined because I was interested in rowing, but I would have never guessed the amount of technique, discipline, and skill that it required. Originally, as most people do, I thought that rowing was mainly an upper body sport, but I quickly learned …

Lunch with the Morks

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This past Wednesday, I had an amazing opportunity to have lunch with the USC Chairman of the Board of Trustees, John Mork, and his wife, Julie. The Morks named the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and generously fund dozens of full-tuition scholarships.  Having the chance to enjoy lunch with them reminded me of what it truly means to …

Viterbi Ball: Engineering Prom

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This past February, Viterbi celebrated National Engineers Week, known around Viterbi as E-week.  Each day, engineers took study breaks and participated in many fun activities, including a carnival, talent show, game night, and ZUMBA.  However, one of the most anticipated events of the week is Viterbi Ball! It’s like a prom for engineers.  There is even a Viterbi King and …