Why Biomedical Engineering Is Awesome (Really)

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To be completely honest, I didn’t even understand what Biomedical Engineering was for the longest time. When I was seriously considering what I should study, I literally searched it on Wikipedia and saw this: Biomedical engineering (BME) is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. Not super helpful. And even when I …

Brunch With Buddies!

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Hi everyone! Last Friday, I went to a USC Best Buddies fundraiser called Brunch with Buddies! Best Buddies is a student organization that partners USC students with differently abled students from Lanterman High School.

Weekend(er) Plans!

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I’m so happy to be finally done with my midterms! After having one last week and two this week, I’m definitely ready for a little rest and relaxation. To celebrate the last round of midterms before finals, I’m going to the Weekender to Berkeley! The Weekender is a fun trip to another school for the USC game against that school. …

Favorite Study Spot: LEAVEY LIBRARY!

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I know it’s surprising. Who actually likes Leavey?? Despite its interesting environment, I am actually the most productive at this library. Last year, I lived at Birnkrant, so Leavey was the closest, most convenient study spot. I would literally leave my building and be at the front entrance of Leavey. Even this year, living at Troy, Leavey is still quite …

PCR Fun in MoBio!

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Hey guys! Of course, being a science-obsessed enginerd, I wanted to tell you about the cool experiment I did in my Molecular Biology lab today! We got to analyze a little piece of our own cheek cell DNA.

Favorite Organization: Best Buddies

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True to its name, Best Buddies is definitely a great place to meet new people and make some lasting friendships. I heard about the club from some of my really close friends who participated last year. This club is a nonprofit organization that connects USC students to a differently abled student from a local high school.

Engineering Career Expo 2013

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As a sophomore interested in potentially finding an internship for the summer, I decided that it would be in my best interest to attend the Viterbi Engineering Career Expo earlier today. This was an amazing opportunity to get some face time with actual Human Resources representatives from many different engineering firms to express interest in the companies and turn in …

My Favorite Class: Molecular Biology

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My favorite class at USC, both this semester and thus far in the time I’ve been here, is Molecular Biology, or BISC 320. This class is an upper division class, one of the science classes that are required for BME majors, biology-related majors, and those on the Pre-Med track. It covers everything about synthesis and structure of nucleic acids and …

The Benefits of Naps

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I love to nap. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without napping. I nap between classes, after classes, before starting my homework, when I’m too tired to do my homework, any time. Research has shown that naps have numerous benefits, such as reducing drowsiness, restoring alertness, improving cognitive performance, decreasing errors, and enhancing moods.