Who’s Ready For The ASBME Make-A-Thon?!

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This past weekend, the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering provided Biomedical Engineering students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a real life challenge by hosting a Make-a-thon. Twenty teams of 4-5 upper and underclassmen students were presented with a NASA-inspired case in the biomedical field and given 30 hours to complete the task with certain functional and material constraints. …

Interesting Spring Semester Class

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Hello again! Let me tell you about one of my favorite classes I’m taking this spring. I am a part of the Progressive Degree Program studying Engineering Management, so I’ve been taking a few Industrial and Systems Engineering classes this year. This semester, I’m in a class called Invention and Technology Development. At first, I was a little hesitant taking …

Better Late Than Never

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Hello everyone! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged… let me catch you up on what’s been going on since last semester. After spending Christmas with my family, I was lucky enough to go to Mexico with two of my friends from high school. As wonderful as the beaches in Mexico are, we decided to focus on some of …

Resources for a Successful Career!

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Hey guys, Today, I’m going to talk a little bit more about how I got my internship at Abbott Laboratories (check out my other blogs for my experience there!). It started freshman year when I attended the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering Corporate Dinner. I met an Abbott recruiter who told me about this cool company that makes medical devices …

The Beginning of the End

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Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last update. Just a quick recap on the rest of my summer: while interning in Waukegan, Illinois with Abbott, I was lucky enough to go to Lollapalooza for the first time ever and see some of my favorite artists: Galantis, Odesza, and Kygo (among others). I also popped up to Edmonton, Alberta, …

Six Sigmas of Fun at Abbott in the Summer

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Hello! I haven’t lived anywhere out of California for the majority of my life. So, when I was placed in Lake County, Illinois for my internship with Abbott Laboratories, I was nervous (and excited) about what opportunities were waiting. Before this internship, I didn’t really know how my science background would be applied in industry. I am currently an operations …

My Advice to Freshmen

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Okay, is anyone nervous about starting college? Don’t even worry. I was, too. Here are a few things I wish I knew when I came to college. 1. Get involved. Some of my closest friends and the coolest people I’ve met were found due to the organizations I got involved in. I joined a few clubs that appealed to my …

My Favorite Engineering Project

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Hi everyone! Happy E-week! I’ve done a lot of cool engineering stuff in college so far, but one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done was building an electric guitar as part of my final project in a class I took last semester, EE202: Linear Circuits. All we were given was a cigar box, a long block of wood, strings, …

Chemistry in Aromas

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One of the most difficult but most interesting classes I have experienced at USC is Organic Chemistry. The subject is a fascinating puzzle of breaking bonds and making bonds in order to form a product. To be honest, I wondered what the practical applications of it were…but then my friend showed me an article about the chemicals behind the aroma …

Locals in Lima!

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Hi guys! It’s been a great start to the semester! I just wanted to talk a little bit about the amazing Winter break I had. After spending a couple weeks at home, I went on a trip to Lima, Peru with Medlife, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide medicine, education, and development to low-income families everywhere. It was such …

Spring Semester Shenanigans

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Welcome to a new semester! After a fun winter break, I’m happy to say that I’m really excited for the classes that I’m going to take this semester. One class I’m taking, Medical Electronics, applies many of the concepts from my Linear Circuits class (that I took last semester) to medical devices. It’s cool to finally connect some different aspects …

Third Time’s A Charm!

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Hi everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed your first week of classes! I’m really excited for what this semester is going to bring; it’ll definitely be a busy one. I’m taking Organic Chemistry (CHEM 322A), Linear Circuits (EE 202), Statistical Methods in Biomedical Engineering (BME 423), and The Chemistry of Aids (CHEM 203). It’s a pretty science and engineering heavy …

Women Engineers: The Real Story

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When I came to USC, it didn’t really cross my mind that women are generally underrepresented in engineering. When I started classes at USC, it still didn’t cross my mind. Halfway through the semester, I still didn’t realize it. This is because, honestly, I’ve never felt discriminated at all for being a female in this field.

Decision 2012

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Hello guys! This week I’m going to tell you a little bit about my experience applying to colleges! As a sophomore, the process is definitely still fresh in my mind.

My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant!

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Hey guys! One of my favorite parts of freshman year was living in a dorm. I lived in Birnkrant, which was in the North area of campus, right next to the New/North dorms. Each floor was co-ed, with girls on one side and guys on the other. I absolutely loved it. Sharing close quarters with so many other people brought …

Engineering ROCKS

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Engineering is awesome. In celebration of E-Week, I’d just like to tell you all why I like this subject so much.