For the past couple of months, I’ve been amping up to spend 12 weeks of the summer in Chicago! I remember being so excited when I got the internship offer from Abbott to work in their Environmental Health and Safety Division in their main North Chicago branch. I’ve talked with multiple people who interned there in the past and they have all raved about what a great program it is and how much they’ve learned from their experience there. There are also tons of interns at that location, so I’m ready to make lots of new friends!

Not only am I pumped to be working at such a large and established company, I’m also super excited about simply being able to explore Chicago on the weekends (see below a few of the items on my bucket list). Not only that, my brother will also be interning in Chicago for the summer; since we go to separate colleges, I never see him during the school year, so I’m definitely ready for some intense sibling time (I hope he doesn’t get sick of me by the end of the summer!). I also have two other friends who live in suburbs of Chicago, so I’ll be sure to visit them often during my time there as well!

Things on my bucket list for the summer:

  1. Take the token tourist picture with The Bean.
  2. Check out as many museums as physically possible – I am such a nerd for museums! The Museum of Science and Industry is the LARGEST science museum in the western hemisphere!
  3. Explore the University of Chicago’s campus and use my brother’s ID card to rent out books (I’m also a HUGE nerd when it comes to libraries and reading!).
  4. Eat some of that amazing Chicago deep dish pizza I’ve been hearing about!
  5. Check out the Navy Pier.
  6. Have an amazing time! (A given).