I consider my state of mind as a stressed college student to be very dependent on my efforts to stay healthy through diet and exercise!  While there are times I slip in both of those fields due to scheduling and cravings (lack of sleep and chocolate, I’m looking at you!), I like to think that I’ve got a decent handle on both.

Emily pretty much covered the whole ‘eating healthy as a college student’ dilemma in her blog, so I’ll delve more into how to stay active at such a busy place like USC!

Running: I’ve never been super into team sports, although I do love to keep in shape.  Recently I’ve rediscovered my love for running, so I’ve been mapping out different paths I can take to switch it up.  I absolutely love running around my beautiful campus.

One of the running paths I take!

Exercise programs: Something else you can do on your own, and in the comfort of your own home, are exercise video programs.  This past summer I tried out Insanity, which was pretty intense if you ask me!  I didn’t enjoy it enough to do the program a second time, although it definitely did have some pretty decent results.

The insane 60 day exercise program.

Team sports: If team sports are your thing, there are TONS of opportunities available on campus for intramural, club and varsity athletics.  I can’t even begin to name all of the different teams available for you to join!  They are a great way to meet students of all different backgrounds and create strong friendships.


USC Football!

Exercise Classes: We also have our athletic center, the Lyon Center!  Go whenever you’re free and use their HUGE machines area.  They also offer classes for a flat rate the whole semester.  My friends did this last year and had a blast going to the SCycling, Zumba, yoga, and Hip-Hop classes throughout the week.

Classes offered at the Lyon Center this semester!

Swimming: Also located on the Lyon Center facility property is the swimming pool!  While it is closed during certain hours of the day for certain team practices, you can definitely use the lap pool for recreational swimming whenever it fancies you!

McDonald’s Swim Stadium

USC PHED Classes: Another option USC offers is their PHED classes – you can take all kinds of dance classes, weight training, tennis, soccer, you name it!  And these can all be done for credit if you have some extra units available in your schedule.

Department of Physical Education

Basically, there are innumerable amounts of opportunities at USC to enrich not only your brain, but also your body!

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