My fourth week of school has been great so far!  This past week I got to see Elton John at USC for free – you heard it, for FREE!  USC has a program called Visions and Voices, and through it you can go to awesome free events.  Last semester I went to a Kina Grannis event, and this semester my friend went to see a Kristin Chenoweth concert at the Hollywood Bowl!  They also plan  for great poets or writers to come present about their work.  It’s a great program and I love taking advantage of it!

This program was so popular that we had to enter into a lottery in order to get seats.  I was so lucky to have gotten a ticket, and a few of my close friends were also fortunate, so we all waited in line together.

I happened to be 7 rows from the front; we got such great seats!!  Elton John performed many of his old songs, followed by a Q&A and then another performance for some of his new stuff from his album.  It was an amazing show, and I am so fortunate to have had this experience!


elton john

Elton John during his performance

I also went to The Grove with the Catholic Center last week, and we all ate at Maggiano’s!  We had such great food, and the company was great!

Dinner at Maggiano's

Dinner at Maggiano’s


Talk to you guys next week!