Last weekend was so much fun!  I spent the day downtown with some friends and visited places I’ve never been before.  I started off the day doing a tour of the Downtown Historic District from the LA Conservancy, then ate lunch at Grand Central Market, stopped for some coffee at Syrup, and then checked out The Last Bookstore.  All of it was within walking distance of each other, and probably just under 7 blocks walking from the downtown Metro station which also has a stop right next to campus.  It was such a fun day.  It’s funny how even after 3.5 years of being in LA there are still new places to check out.

The LA Conservancy does several tours every Saturday, all starting at Pershing Square.  While we were waiting for the tour to start, we saw across the street a line for America’s Got Talent auditions.  So LA.

The tour brought us to various buildings in the historic district and we learned some cool facts, like how each building that is renovated or constructed needs to put a percentage of the budget into an art piece.  We also learned that LA constructed its first subway system in the early 1920s.

Angel's Flight

Angel’s Flight


After the tour, my friend and I stopped at Grand Central Market which is this huge building that has stands for each vendor to sell fresh fruit, coffee, tacos, pupusas, you name it!  I always love it there.

2013-12-08 14.48.12

Grand Central Market

We meandered over the Syrup Desserts for some coffee and wifi to conduct some work.  I loved the atmosphere there!

After we got a significant chunk of work done, we went to The Last Bookstore because my friend wanted to look for a notepad.  There were such cool setups there; they basically made art out of books.  There are also vendors that have space in the bookstore and sell their creations.  It was such a neat treasure in downtown!


One of the works of art using books!


So many books

I had such a fun-filled day downtown, and I’m glad I hit up so many different places in downtown.  There are so many awesome places to go so near to campus!  And the metro line that goes from campus to downtown just makes it that much easier.

Talk to you guys next week!