Hey everyone!!

Since I am in my fourth year at USC, I have done my fair share of studying both on and around campus.  Each semester, I have my favorite spots that are my “go-to” study spots.

Generally, what I look for in a study spot is 1) quietness, since I do much better with no distractions, 2) comfyness, since I am there for long stretches of time, and 3) close proximity to where I am most of the time, since I like having short commutes.  Some semesters, I am on campus all the time, and so I have great study spots on campus.  Other semesters, I have certain time blocks that allow me to be at home more often, and in those instances I study at home more often.

This semester, my favorite study spot is my house, more specifically the bowl chair on my front porch!  I got this bowl chair from my friend at the end of last semester for free!  And I found the perfect place for it on my front porch!  It is in a pretty secluded area, so there are few distractions, save for the occasional run-in with my neighbor’s cats.  It’s nice because it’s shaded but also gives me the opportunity to get a bunch of fresh air!  Since LA doesn’t get chilly until later in the semester, I can still study there.

My bowl chair!

My bowl chair study spot!

Aside from that, I love to study at my kitchen table!  I have so much table space at my disposal, so I can spread out my stuff.

Anyways, these are the places that I have found myself at the most this semester, to study and do work.  I hope you find the study spot that’s most perfect for you!

Talk to you guys next week!