Hey everyone!

One of my favorite classes this semester is in the ITP (Information Technology Program) department.  It is called Engineering Database Applications, and we are learning how to make a dynamic website for a nonprofit client that services children.  I think this class perfectly exemplifies the spirit and culture of USC.  The spirit of being a ‘good neighbor’ is vibrant at USC, and really visible in all of our community outreach programs and organizations.  I’m so excited to be working on a really significant project that will be really useful for the client, especially a non profit that helps children!



It’s been a fun class so far; although it’s a bit of a drag that the class is 3 hrs on a Wednesday night, I love that I’m learning a lot about the basics of website structure.  The professor is also so enthusiastic and makes the class go by a lot faster.  He occasionally brings up anecdotes that are always so amusing.

The end goal is to hand them a completed website at the end of the semester that they can manage and update as needed, without needing to know the mechanics and technology behind the website structure.  For the semester, we are learning the basics of Drupal which is a free program that many large organizations use for their website upkeep and structure.

Talk to you guys later!