So as USC students, each of us is given a website URL that you can maintain for free, as long as you are a USC student.  In my Managing the Digital Revolution for your Business class (IOM 431), we learned both how to set it up and add content to it.

So setting up the website is about a 5 minute process that doesn’t require a whole lot of technical knowledge.  You just follow a series of straightforward steps, which include logging into PuTTy, hitting Y for yes and N for no for a few questions they prompt you, and voila!  You have a website with a specific URL to your name.

In class this week, we learned how to use Microsoft Expressions as a means to input text, data, tabs onto a website.  We learned a bit of HTML which is a language that consists of a bunch of on/off switches.  For example, if you had <strong>USC</strong> then everything within that on and off ‘strong’ switch would be bold.  Likewise, a P Tag which is <p>blahblah</p> is one paragraph.  It’s a really cool and straightforward language which is fun to work with!

What the program Microsoft Expressions looks like.

Learning web development is such a useful skill to know, and I was super grateful to have that exposure.  This class has gotten me interested in possibly taking some of USC’s Web Development classes offered through their Information Technology Program (ITP).  The basic ones are only 2 units, so it would be pretty easy to slip that into a semester or two.  The ITP program has so many classes which give you awesome and practical skills, and you can read a bit about my Photoshop class that I’m taking through ITP this semester.