Hey everyone!  This semester I have a bit more free time which I’m using to explore the LA area, hang out with friends, and make the most of my last semester at USC.  One example is going line dancing about a week ago with some friends!

We went to The Ranch in Anaheim which is about 40 minutes away from campus.  I have been line dancing before but would definitely not classify myself as experienced.  I love doing fun thing off campus with my friends though, so we got a group together of about 10 to go dancing!

Part of our group!

Part of our group!

2014-01-17 23.58.09

Fun times

The Ranch is a really nice place; there is a dance floor surrounded by an area for tables to talk and hang out with friends. In front of the dance floor there is a stage where they had a live band perform!  The atmosphere was really awesome and we all had a good time!

They had line dancing songs (some were easy to pick up and I struggled big time to do the others), in addition to 2-stepping songs, in which you would dance with a partner!

Some of the dancers

Some of the dancers

Good ol' two-stepping

Good ol’ two-stepping

I love trying out new things in LA, and I’m so happy that I went to The Ranch!  It was a fun time with friends away from campus!


Talk to you guys later!

Cassandra 🙂