3 weeks into the semester and I’m already loving it!  Changing my major has been the best move I could have made for myself.  I love all of my classes, and my professors are so energetic and enthusiastic about the material.  My schedule is pretty decent if I may say so (no 8ams and no night classes), and since I had some extra credits I’m taking a Photoshop class for fun!  I haven’t touched Photoshop since working on my high school yearbook ages ago, but it’s been great learning more tools for the program!  Here is my first project (assignment – only use 3 brushes).  I modeled it after the view of the sunrise up at Lake Arrowhead during our SWE retreat this past weekend.

My ITP 090 Photoshop project!

Aside from academics, I’m happy to again be in LA where I can do all of my favorite SoCal activities.  The first weekend I was here, I went to Santa Monica beach with my good friends from SWE.  It was a wonderful time to relax and talk about our upcoming semesters before things got too busy.  Also, there is no competition between SoCal beaches and Jersey beaches – LA ones win, hands down!

Santa Monica beach

That same weekend I went on a hike to the Hollywood sign – I had been here 2 years and never made the trip before!  It was quite the hike with amazing views, and we finished off the trip with In-N-Out, which is something I missed dearly over the summer.  My order – cheeseburger with a Neapolitan shake (I’m not a huge fan of their fries!).

View from Hollywood Sign

Football is as amazing as ever!!  I went to our first game against Hawaii with some friends, and I can never get enough of the atmosphere.  It’s always awesome to see all students, alumni and staff of USC on campus for tailgating, and I still maintain that our band is the greatest ever.  I had so much fun, and I can’t wait for our next game against Cal!

Trojan football against Hawaii!

And as already stated in my previous blog, I’m super pumped about my student involvements on campus – staying involved is what keeps me occupied and sane!