Hey everyone!  I am so excited to be back at SC for my last semester!  Winter break was super refreshing, I spent it at home in New Jersey.  We had plenty of snow and FREEZING temperatures during the “polar vortex” and I’ll just say that it’s never been better to be back in lovely and sunny SoCal!

To go from layers, a peacoat, a scarf and boots to short and a t-shirt was so refreshing.  While at home, I took a CrossFit class with a friend from high school, and also went into New York City for a comedy show which was really fun!

I’m so excited for what this semester holds!  My classes this semester are so interesting, and are true applications of my major.  For classes left in my major, I am taking Human Computer Interaction, Work Technology & Organization, Senior Design, and a 3D Modeling and Animation class.  I probably am most excited for my Human Computer Interaction class; our semester project is designing the interface for an application.

For fun, I am taking a German class and am auditing Film Symposium through the Cinema School.  My mom knows German and has always said phrases around the house here and there growing up, so I wanted to learn more of this lovely language!  This is one of my favorite classes; learning languages is so fun!  Film Symposium pre-screens movies coming out and then afterwards invites some key people that worked on the film (lighting, sound, set design, director, producer) to discuss the movie afterwards.  I’m so excited for this class!

I am continuing my involvement with The Society of Women Engineers as President; we have some great events planned this semester!  Ready to go out with a bang.  I also will continue to be plugged into the Catholic Center through the events and programs, and coordinating some of the Religious Education series.  I also am planning on getting involved in the German Club to learn more about the German culture!

I am planning on exploring more of LA this semester as well; I went to Griffith Observatory last week (one of my favorite places in LA; I’ve been there probably 6 times), went line dancing with some friends in Anaheim last week, and went to Pasadena for dinner last night.