Happy National E-Week everyone!!  E-Week is celebrated very strongly here at Viterbi; there are 11 events going on this week for undergraduate engineering students to participate in!  The Kick Off Carnival was so awesome; there was a photo booth, a Sony booth with some Sony swag, a Rubix cube booth, and FREE Sprinkles cupcakes, to name a few.

One of the best parts of my engineering experience at Viterbi is The Society of Women Engineers.  I have been involved since my freshman year, and got more involved sophomore year by becoming an officer.  I moved my way up to Eboard last year, and now am President.  My core group of girl friends are my fellow SWEsters; it’s one of my favorite involvements.  Every year since my sophomore year, we have participated in the Viterbi E-Week Talent Show and performed A Capella under the stage name N’SWEnc (get it???).

Last night seven of our SWE girls participated in Viterbi’s Talent Show; we all performed an A Capella rendition of Cups by Anna Kendricks.  Five of us sang, and two performed the cups background acoustics for the song.  We had practiced this twice a week for the past four weeks or so, so we had a pretty solid foundation and were well prepared.  It was so fun practicing with them, and getting to know some of them even better than I had known them previously.  E-Week is such a fun time to for me to celebrate s engineering and feel the price and collaboration among my peers whom I care about so much.


I’m so pumped for Viterbi Ball tomorrow; even more of an opportunity to have fun with my peers and feel the pride that comes with being a Viterbi engineer.  #FightOn #GoTrojans

Catch you guys later!