Once a month, every second Tuesday of the month, many of the artists that have studios downtown open up their studios and have all of their artwork on display for the public.

LA has a bunch of ton events throughout the week and weekend.  The ones that are downtown are awesome to go to, because you can take the metro for $1.50 each way and not have to worry about mooching a ride off a friend or paying for parking.

I went for the first time two weeks ago with some of my friends, and it was such a fun experience!!  There were tons of interesting art exhibits, and I really appreciated many of the ones that I saw.  We also went through The Last Bookstore and saw some of the exhibits there.


Additionally, we got kind of hungry so we stopped by the food trucks all parked in a parking lot.  They had both sweet and savory.  I got a taco, and my friends got grilled cheese, an ice cream cone and hot fried chicken.  That was delicious!

We walked through more studios, and also met up with some friends who were also downtown.  It was such a fun night and I’m so glad I got to experience more of what LA has to offer!


One of the pieces I liked.


I liked the shine and colors of this

Talk to you guys next week!