As most other USC students are saying at this time of the semester, I can’t believe the semester is already over!  Four months always seems like a long time to be away from home, but I always find that the 16 weeks go by so quickly!

This semester has been one of the best I’ve had so far at USC.  My classes this semester have been so informative and practical!

  • Operations Research (ISE 330) – learning about linear programs (LP) to solve max/min problems.  I’m just about to start the practice problem set for the final!
  • Engineering Economics (ISE 460) – This class is pretty straightforward; we are learning how to determine best investments based on evaluating the economic implications of each option.
  • Photoshop (ITP 90) – my final project was pretty vague – “Make a gift for someone.”  It was so much fun to do, but very time intensive.  In my opinion though, the time I put into it is definitely reflected in the aesthetics of it.  I learned so much about Photoshop, and feel very comfortable about using it for my own projects in the future.
  • Advanced Writing for Business (WRIT 340) – I learned how to improve my writing for business settings, and worked on a group project with three other awesome classmates.  We killed that presentation!
  • Managing the Digital Revolution for Your Business (IOM 431) – we learned a bunch of awesome tools and platforms, such as managing your own website, SAP, and Salesforce.

My extracurriculars have also made these four months so much more fulfilling.

  • I joined the USC Marathon Team and ran 12 miles this past Sunday!  I’m still sore from that, but its so fun to condition my body to run for such long distances.  If you had asked me a few months ago if I could see myself running more than 3 miles I would have laughed.  But now I find I enjoy it immensely.  Next Sunday is our long 14 mile run at the beach.  So SoCal.  So pumped.
  • The Society of Women Engineers is also a very large commitment, and one that I absolutely love.  As VP of Corporate Affairs, I planned 2 large networking events this semester, Professional Development Night and Fall Evening with Industry.  They were both really successful, and everyone had said what a positive networking experience they had during both of these events.  Through SWE I also went to Houston for the SWE National Conference.
  • We are finally opening up the Catholic Center church this Sunday!  Up until now we have been having mass in the new and completed Catholic Student Center.  The church itself is quite the beauty, and I’m so excited to have mass in there every Sunday from now on.

I’ve also explored more of LA this semester.  I’ve been to Umami plenty of times (such delicious burgers), walked around Hollywood, went to cafes in Little Tokyo, sat at the bench from that scene in 500 Days of Summer, checked out Downtown Disney in Anaheim, and been to the beach several times.  I love LA, it is always so great to explore more areas every chance I get.

500 Days of Summer Bench

This winter break, I’m going to keep up with my running schedule to stay on track for the LA Marathon in the spring.  Running in the 30 degree weather through snow might pose a bit of a hurdle, but I’m sure I can manage that.  Aside from that, I’ll be hanging out with my family and catching up, while enjoying the wonderful holiday season.  We’ll be having plenty of fires, toasting marshmallows, and playing tons of Christmas music.  Just a Writing 340 final portfolio, 1 take home final, and 2 finals stand in my way!  Jersey I’m comin’ for ya!