As my apartment is a few blocks from campus, and since I oftentimes have those random breaks in between classes, I have some go-to study places I’d like to share with you all!  Its nice that I have a few favorites pretty spread out all around campus so not matter where I am, I have a homey spot nearby in which to study.  Plus I personally love to switch up where I study so my environment doesn’t get too stale.  I like variety!

(I apologize in advance for the poor quality of photos – I’m on the market for a new camera, and don’t have time to edit these photos!  Midterm studying ahh)

Lyssa and Gordy already talked about their prime study places; you can check those out as well.  Keep on reading for my campus study picks!

Doheny is definitely USC’s most majestic library.  Not only is it gorgeous on the outside, but also it has tons of awesome rooms that are so well lit and conducive to studying.

Main room (LA Times Reference Room): I honestly have never read or seen Harry Potter (cue the gasps), but everyone knows this as the Harry Potter room because of its decor.  Really awesome environment, and everyone else is so hard at work so it’s hard to slack off here!

Doheny’s main study room

Room across the hall (don’t know its name!) a smaller scale of the LA Times room, it’s nice because there are windows so you can get some natural night which always puts me in a good mood.

Doheny’s smaller study room across from the main room.

LiteraTea is seriously one of my all time favorite study places.  Located in Doheny, I always can find a spot here.  It’s well lit, decently quiet, and, most importantly, smells like coffee!!!  Always in a happy disposition here.

Outside courtyard of LiteraTea.

The corridor connecting LiteraTea to the rest of Doheny – I always sit on the bar stools on the right!

RTH Cafe is at an excellent location; it’s the hub of engineering.  It’s near most of my classes, and
anytime I’m nearby I’m sure to head in for a bit.  The cafe has a constant din of noise in the background, but you can’t distinguish any voices or conversations, so I can still focus on my work!  Sometimes the dead silence of a library gets to me, so it’s nice to be somewhere with a bit of life that is still conducive to studying.

RTH Cafe during one of its less-busy hours.

SAL/WPH/KOH (Computing Centers on campus): I love our computing centers!  I like them all equally, and the nice thing about them is that they are located in different spots on campus so no matter where you are, there is one nearby.  SAL is awesome because it’s located near the engineering buildings, AND is open 24/7 (except Friday and Saturday nights – you gotta give yourself some relaxation time!), so chances are good that you’ll bump into friends from your classes while you’re studying.  Plus I used to work here, so many times I’ll be there while my previous coworkers are working, so I get to chat with them in between my homework problems.  It’s always a welcome study break for me.

SAL computing center – awesome Mac desktops and some comfy couch areas! Beware of the couches during all nighters though – they so cunningly lull you to sleep!

Hope you enjoyed my study places!  Now back to studying for my midterm today – I’m actually in SAL as I’m typing this, and already bumped into a friend here today.


  • melanie says:

    You have caused me to critically examine my usual study space, the desk in my room. I’m thinking its time for an upgrade! LiteraTea looks amazing.. and word on the street is it has good food? Potential distraction. Also ‘room across the hall’ is a close runner up, love the name. Thanks for enlightening me!

  • cassandra says:

    Yeah, definitely!! I’ve never eaten at LiteraTea, but I’ve seen their menu and it does look amazing. I usually go for their coffee when I’m there because I almost always need a pick-me-up. There are seriously so many hidden gems on campus, I love finding them all!