From East Coast to West Coast

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Before visiting USC I had never been to the West Coast of the United States before. I grew up in South Florida and had always wanted to go to California because of all the adventure and good weather that it’s known for. So, for me the transition from high school to college encompassed moving to a part of the country that was totally new. Of course the whole process was intimidating and I was nervous about being far from my family and friends,but I truly found my home away from home in Los Angeles because of the welcoming environment of USC. Part of what made the transition easy and fun were all the activities available for new students on campus during welcome week. During that week, I took a micro-seminar about art materials, went on an Explore LA excursion to Venice, attended the annual Viterbi Luau, saw SPARK the annual Vision and Voices event, and the Welcome Back Concert. These are only a few of the events available to incoming students and I definitely recommend taking advantage of them. They’re not only an opportunity to see everything USC and LA have to offer, but also a chance to make some of your first friends on campus.

My childhood friends and I all committed to different colleges

Moved in!

Exploring Venice

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