Finals Week isn’t so bad if you (literally) stop and smell the roses

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     During finals week, most of my time is spent studying for my exams. However, it’s also when the Exposition Park rose garden is in full bloom! As my Freshman Year came to a close, it was important for me to take study breaks! Between studying for my Differential Equations, Physics I and Art History finals I took a break and walked around the rose garden. It was especially beautiful and many seniors were taking their graduation pictures, it’s crazy to think that I’ll be the one taking my senior pictures in three years. As this spring semester came to an end, I realized that I’ve learned and experienced so much my first year at USC and I’m excited for what else is to come. With exams approaching, it can be a very stressful time for students, but the weather is so nice that time of year that a good study break consists of taking a stroll outside, and literally stopping to smell the roses at the rose garden right across the street from campus. After a peaceful break in the nice weather and garden, you seem to have a clearer mind and more energy to continue studying. Or, you can even bring your study materials outside and enjoy the weather. 

     Some of my other personal favorite study spots include the Parkside cabanas and the sculpture garden by the School of Architecture, both places where you can enjoy the weather and lounge around with friends. I also like Ground Zero, the student-run coffee shop on campus known for its good music and delicious milkshakes, because it gives you that “coffee-shop feel”, that I sometimes like for studying, without having to leave campus.


Parkside Cabanas!!

Ground Zero






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