Can you be a vegan in college?

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Coming to college is a huge lifestyle change for everyone. For me, coming in as a new vegan seemed like a big test that I had to pass. The summer after I graduated high school I decided to make the switch to being a vegan. My mom was awesome about making sure I always had delicious and healthy meals meat free, so when it came time to come to school I started getting worried if I was going to be able to go on as a vegan. My biggest nightmare was eating a salad three meals a day, because even though I love my leafy greens, that would be the fastest way for me to go back to life as a meat eater.

Once at USC I seriously couldn’t have been luckier. All three dining halls on campus have salad bars with fresh veggies and diverse toppings (I never realized how good dates are on salads) and at least three different hot food options. The Village dining hall even has its own vegan section with different types of sandwiches, bowls, and vegan twists on traditional food. I go nuts whenever they have falafel or eggplant parmesan with vegan cheese. When I say I get three servings that sadly isn’t a joke. I actually have an easier time eating as vegan here than I did at home.

Azla's amazing food

Living in L.A. also makes being a vegan a piece of cake. If the dining hall food has started to take its toll on you there are plenty of great options either a walk or metro ride away. Azla is within walking distance from campus and is to die for vegan Ethiopian food. I go there whenever I have a free hour to load up on spicy foods and injera (delicious Ethiopian bread). I also love going to Grand Central Market if I want to treat myself to some vegan ramen or desserts. I love getting the sticky rice and mango from one of the stalls after I finish finals. Moral of the story, USC and L.A. are made for the vegan lifestyle and I am loving it.

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