Hope everyones midterms have been going smoothly. I figured with midterm season slowly winding down, I would share with you some of my insights about what you should do after a midterm.

First things first, RELAX. Go get some ice cream and head to bed early for a change. Let yourself enjoy the fact that you have completed half of your semester ( or for some classes 1/3). The one rule about relaxing is make sure you dont relax to much.  Remember you’re not completely done yet and if you relax for to long you will start getting behind in class.

Next thing to do is wait to get your exam back.

Once the exam is handed back, go through it and look at what you had gotten wrong. Try reworking the problems you got wrong, that way you will learn the right way to do it and it will help you for the final.  It might be difficult and annoying for you to rework the problems but trust me, it will help A LOT!

After reworking the problem, go back and make sure you got all the credit you deserved.  MANY time the professor doesn’t give you the correct amount of points. There have been countless times where I have gone back to the professor and corrected some mistakes leading to more points.

After all this is done keep up with your homework and do it again for the final!

Hope this helps and stay tuned for my next blog post!

~Caitlin Sarian