It’s a little weird to write about women in engineering since it never seems to be a big deal at USC. There are so many women in my class that I honestly do not even notice a different tbetween engineering classes and general education classes. Granted there are more women in certain majors than in others but non the less, there are a lot of women in engineering at Viterbi. Which is one of the main reasons I love it so much.

Not only are there a lot of women in Viterbi but there are tons of programs for the women in engineering school. These programs are put on by the center for engineering diversity, the society of women engineering , women in computing and a lot of other organizations. There is also a engineering women’s sorority AOE. All these programs and organizations are there to help support women in engineering whether that be to help us women with school work, or to get a job/internship or just have a group of girls you can count on to understand your crazy engineering life.

One of my favorite organizations in Viterbi is the Society of Women Engineers. I do not know what I would do without those girls. I have been in it since the first day I got to USC.  Society of Women Engineers has honestly taught me so much about life, engineering, internships and everything in-between. I learned so much in SWE without even noticing because I was having so much fun while learning everything  We are all a huge family and always have so much fun together. Which is the main reason why I am so heavily involved in it.

The women of Viterbi are amazing and a huge family.  Who Runs Viterbi and the World? Girls