Hey Guys,

This week I want to explain one of the main reason why I choose to go to USC and that reason is the endless possibilities that come along when you become a Trojan.

There is possibilities for growth and learning Engineering, the possibility that comes with living in the middle of one of the best cities in the world, the possibility to be involved in organizations both inside and outside of Viterbi, possibilities of amazing job and internship opportunities, and the possibility to have an amazing college experience.

There are so many possibilities for growth as an individual at USC but I want to start off by talking about all the possibilities of growth of learning through classes, labs, and research.  Like most of you know USC is a research university so there are many possibilities for undergraduate students to get research here on campus.  For me I got involved in the Wind Tunnel Lab on campus where I am analyzing the affects of wind on bird feathers.  On top of research labs there are also classes.  USC curriculum provides you with many learning tools to help you succeed in the real world.  One of my favorite classes that is also used at many huge companies is the Solidworks/SolidEdge class.  This class teaches you how to work and utilize both Solidworks and SolidEdge, 3-D computer Simulation Programs.  This Class also allows you to get certified in these programs as well which looks great on your resume.  Whats great about this class is that both these simulation programs are used at companies everywhere.  When I interned at Abbott Laboratories 2 summers ago and GE-Energy last summer I used Solidworks throughout my internship.

There are so many possibilities that come along with living in the middle of LA.  Not only we close to tons of different restaurants and cultures, we are also in the middle of the beach, the Mountains, the snow, and the desert. Any day of the week you can go on a Hollywood sign hike, or drive down Pacific Coast Highway, go to the staples center and see the LA Lakers, Clippers or Kings play, go to Hollywood and see a live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show, or go up to the mountains and go skiing.  Being a food junkie that I am, I love all the different types of foods and restaurants found in Downtown as well.  Overall living in downtown LA is amazing.

Jimmy Kimmel !

USC also gives you the opportunity to be involved in so many different clubs in organizations both in and out of Vitberi.  In Viterbi I am involved in the Society of Women Engineers, Aero-design tea  m, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  Outside of Viterbi I am involved in a social sorority, and undergraduate student government concerts and speakers committee.  USC allows you to maintain good grades while being involved in whatever you want.

USC also gives you so many internship and job opportunities by hosting two career fairs every year (one per a semester).  These career fairs are only for Viterbi students so the recruiters are coming to solely hire USC students.  There are around 120 companies at the Fall career fair and around 80 companies in the Spring Career fair.  Overall USC gives you so many tools to help you get and internship or a job.

On top of all the possibilities at USC, my favorite is that USC offers you a fun filled college life.  With Division on sports and tons of opportunities to get involved in anything you want. USC offers the best college experience you could ask for.