This weekend, the Trojan football team and their fans headed towards Stanford for the game.  This game was very much anticipated because Stanford has been Trojan Football’s Cryptonite for the past 4 years.

Because of this, all my Tri-Delta sorority sisters and I went up to Stanford to go watch the trojan kick the farms (Stanford) butt.

All 8 of us piled into my 1999 Chevy Suburban and started are trek up to Stanford at 5am Friday morning.

We got up to Stanford and went straight to Market Street in Downtown San Francisco. WHere we all went shopping and got lunch.  After  that we went back to the hotel and relaxed. At night we all went to the USC Rally located at Union Square in Downtown San Fran.

Everyone was at the rally, Tommy Trojan, the Band, the Song girls, Spirit Leaders, and tons of Alumni and students. It was so fun to go and get all excited about the game that was about to be played the next day.

After the Rally my friends and I hit the town and explored the night scene.

The next day we went to the game which ended up being the biggest disappointment of the school year so far.

Although the game was a bummer the adventures and experiences I had with my friends made the trip to San Francisco completely worth it!

I cant wait to go up next year as an Alumni to watch the Trojans beat Cal!